LA LOTERIA not just a simple card game…

For anyone who ever wondered how to play. I think I’m going to bust out the Loteria box since summer is coming. Loteria, BBQ and beer just screams summer to me. đŸ™‚

Unleashing My Inner Chingona

Now before you think that I mean the Lottery … not really, I am talking about the one game that has been able to keep our Mexican culture alive … Loteria! At first glance, you see a simple card game with pictures of ‘La Muerte’, ‘El Musico’, ‘La Rosa’, ‘La Bandera’ and more…but as you get a game going…you find that everyone wants to play, young and old, those who speak Spanish, those who do not, those who can read, those who cannot…but the most fun part is the actual ‘hanging out’ with familia and friends! I always carry around a bag of beans so that everyone can mark their cards como debe de ser con frijoles which is always fun — especially to see those who have never really played Loteria before.

My familia plays Loteria at nearly all of the fam parties and it is hilarious to listen…

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