Magical Prints and Ethereal Colors: Winter Trends of 2014

Who else is completely enamored with these magical, fairytale and ethnic inspired prints? They are rich, they are whimsical, and they are wearable art. I do not own any of the images below but they are truly inspiring me for a new look. Being a young, artist mom on a budget, I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but I am so in love with these inspirations, I’m going to start a journey to create inspired looks. I’ll start at the thrift store and go to places like Ross and TJ Maxx to create at least a little magic in my current wardrobe (trust me, it’s much needed).


14-fall-winter-2014-trend-review-flower-printsfashion-trends-autumn-winter-2012-13 FW14W-Soft-Tones

These pastels are amazing. They look like candy, or softly powdered colorful snow. This is not my usual color palette, but they’re making me so happy to look at, especially the more metallic pastels. Let’s see what I can come up with!

In addition to my own personal wardrobe, I will use these as inspiration for more winter items to add to the shop!

Thanks for reading and stay Heavenly everyone!


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