Movie Review: Hot Fuzz

Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is a badass cop who’s making everyone else on the force in London look bad. What’s the solution? Send him to a small, cozy community where no serious crime ever (and I mean EVER) happens. But things are often not what they seem. In this action comedy, you’ll be laughing until your face hurts.


As Nicholas arrives in a town named Sanford Gloucestershire, his first night is anything but relaxing. He finds things wrong with the community the minute he sets foot in it. From underage drinkers to people performing public indecency, this “by the book” cop is arresting every offender he can find. He meets up with his partner, Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) who has made it a habit to sit in a cop car, and eat ice cream, because of the lack of crime. Their most important task is chasing after the town swan. It isn’t until townspeople start dropping like flies that Sergeant Angel’s suspicions are peaked. He, along with Danny, are on the case. In the seemingly picture perfect town of Sanford Gloucestershire, things get fishy!

I recommend this movie to all Simon Pegg and Nick Frost fans; but anyone who loves a good laugh will enjoy it. Hot Fuzz has humor, action, and heart. In this “bromance,” you’ll see Simon Pegg play a strict cop who needs to loosen up and Nick Frost as exactly what Angel needs to learn how to relax (and how to love). The two bond over a few pints and the calling to work for the true “greater good.” This movie has become one of my favorites and I’m sure it will be one of yours, too–at least, once you get over the extremely thick Sanford Gloucestershire accents.

HotFuzz15Written by Alyssa Valdivia