My Beautiful Customers!


Here’s my beautiful neighbor Diana wearing one of our Creamsicle Calavera Flowers! I only have one left so make sure to contact me if you want it! $8.00 + S/H.


This is a commissioned portrait from my customer Cherie. Based off of the reference photo she provided as well as her love for the combination of pink and brown, I was inspired by the feathers (and by watching Boardwalk Empire over and over again) and lights for this delicate and ethereal feel. Portraits are available for $40 at the shop, one person. If you need more than one person in the portrait, let me know!

Stay tuned for more heavenly, cute, and sometimes creepy things at Heavenly Skull!


Portrait SALE!

Portrait SALE!

OK guys, I usually do these for $50, but here’s your chance to get it at a super deep discount at $20. If you want a portrait done for someone for Christmas, or anything (think about it, it could be used for a cool wedding invitation, baby shower invites, I can even create a Day of the Dead portrait for you), contact me or buy directly from this link: