New Year, New Lease on a Life of Fighting Fast Fashion, One Thrifted Item at a Time.

It’s been a weird and rough two years but I’m finally ready to move forward with Heavenly Skull. The state of the world in every aspect has made it abundantly clear how important my core mission is with my brand. Now I completely understand what a small impact mine has with thrifting and selling secondhand and upcycled items, but at least it moves the tick in the right direction rather than the wrong direction. I don’t believe in green washing and have been appalled to find out how many companies do that in order to appeal to their target demographic. While I’m just a single person here (for now, until we possibly grow!), I still believe that one person CAN and MUST make a difference in the world. I don’t have grandiose notions of what I’m able to do, but I will keep learning and growing and striving towards a world that has less waste, is more ethical, and maybe more empathetic towards not just other humans, but nature itself.

If you’d like to keep updated on everything I’m doing, Instagram is the best place (for now). I’m planning on starting a tik tok once I have more time to film upcycle projects (and maybe some thrift store hauls) in the future. YouTube is also a goal down the road once I pick up some interest on tik tok. But until then, follow Heavenly Skull at @heavenlyskull on Instagram!


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